Call (316) 708-4098 now and get your home cleaned Top to Bottom!
Call (316) 708-4098 now and get your home cleaned Top to Bottom!

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Wichita, Bel Aire, Park City and Andover since 1994.

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Cleaning Services

Top to Bottom is the place to call for first-rate house cleaning service. In addition to cleaning, we declutter your home to provide you with more room to live and breathe. Service also includes professional organizing that gives your home a more orderly, balanced appearance. Eliminate unnecessary items from your rooms with home decluttering from our cleaning service Top To Bottom which is designed by your needs and your budget.

House Cleaning

Your home is a reflection of you, so when it looks great you're perceived that way, too. Before we do any cleaning, we consult with you to determine the specific cleaning services you want. This allows us to customize your service to account for children or pets.

Professional Organizing

Top to Bottom offers a professional organizing service that helps you put your home in order, which makes it easier for you to find the things you need. We also help you determine what things to throw away and show you how to minimize the space you need for those items you want to keep.

Decluttering for Neatness

We all have a tendency of keeping things longer than necessary. If you need help getting rid of things, we can do the work. Room to room or whole house decluttering is available to help you clean out closets, your pantry, or refrigerator. In no time, your home will have a more orderly look and feel.

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with Our Cleaning, Organizing, and Home Decluterring Service